Insight online on: Pedagogy and psychology in comparison: “loneliness”.

What are the effects of the quarantine on children emotionality?

Even though the house is now full of brothers and sisters and families are sharing spaces and activities, children often suffer  of a form of solitude  as in respect to their  social texture of reference: the school, standard  measure of their discovery of the world as well as  the first place in which  their ego finds its first assertion,  is coming short  in its role  of “social space”  creating a sense of  loneliness and isolation

Despite the fact that    educators and  teachers are moving  to help them out through videos and  virtual messages, the feeling remains:  even though  kindergarten, thanks to the new  digital platforms can now use  instruments useful  for the children’s’ evolution and  subsistence, even if on a remote basis, of the toddlers’  routines and didactic  activities, it is important to understand the real  dynamics that involve  children’s’ emotional sphere.

For once, the much feared technology becomes  a “window” on their own world, independently  from family ties and  dynamics, but  the real question is how can we balance these  dependences in an harmonic  way ?

“CHILDREN’s loneliness in relation to their social texture”

Is the topic on which  the live insight conference  it took place on Saturday  4th April  in which the pedagogic and psychological approach has been discussed.

   Teacher Rosetta Panebianco, teacher and coordinator of the Zerosix Project of Petranova International Institute meets Doctor Carol Faitella,  Training Analyst and Psychotherapist, expert in Neuro-psychology of childhood and Responsible for the counselling and observation in CEFA schools.

La solitudine dei bambini

Pubblicato da Scuole CEFA su Sabato 4 aprile 2020

Intervento della Dott.ssa Carol Faitella

Pubblicato da Scuole CEFA su Sabato 4 aprile 2020