Discover the world through taste: The Locomotiva that travels with international menus.

As a new engagement with Sapori Dal Mondo, La Locomotiva Kindergarten project includes a special menu every month: a journey through the flavours and culinary dishes of foreign traditions.

After the Italian menu that combined different regional traditions on the occasion of the Carnival  festival, it is time for the Tastes of the East menu, in homage to the origins of some of the children’s mothers. “ We chose Goulash because it is a complete and simple dish.  It includes meat, vegetables and pasta. It’s ideal for children“ says Alessandra, media bubble  educator, “Although we don’t have Hungarian families, it is a dish that identifies the culinary tradition of Eastern European countries. Other choices would have included dishes that were too complex and probably presented difficulties for many of the kids”

Alongside the special menu, dishes are always guaranteed to satisfy the needs of all such as vegetarian children.

A way to bring the little ones closer to new flavours is to test their curiosity and the ability to adapt to new opportunities as well as bring them closer to the cultural and culinary traditions of some families of the school. Furthermore,  Sapori Del Mondo represents a taste of the international character of CEFA schools which from Kindergarten onwards offer the active bilingualism project through to secondary school .

The next journeys through the world of taste will include U.S, Spanish and Cuban menus