Art workshop for students at Petranova International

Art workshop

Through art and imagination you have the ability to understand, internalize and transform objects and space by helping to free thoughts and emotions.  

This paths is useful to the youngsters to develop a form of knowledge called “The intelligence of the hands”. 

What will you learn? By “playing with the art” you will learn how to express your flair and your creativity other than experimenting different expressive and artistic communication approaches. 

The techniques include the manipulation of materials and the creation of “do-it-yourself” original objects. 

“Art helps to free thoughts and emotions by helping youngsters to develop new forms of knowledge”. Prof. Giulia Rocchegiani

The art course addressed to students from 5th to 8th Grade will take place from Friday 8th March until 31st May, on Fridays from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. at Petranova International Institute. 

The course is for Iunior and Petranova students but also for external and participants and it is held Prof. Giulia Roccheggiani. A minimum number of participants must be guaranteed to start the course. 

The attendance fee is €260,00 which includes the material comprensivo del materiale

For the CEFA students, they will have to book a place through their personal page on the MY portal. 

For the external participants they will have to contact their relevant school office.