Today’s Student Tomorrow’s Future: university orientation

 “TODAY’S STUDENTS TOMORROW’S FUTURE”,  at its second edition, is meant to share with all 4th and 5th-year high school students, both from public or private institutes, the experiences of professionals of great value from diverse working sectors and who have all faced the changes in national and international labour markets. 

This year’s edition, organized successfully by KPMG, BNPP, and CEFA took place on February 7th 2020 at Palazzo Wedekind in Piazza Colonna 366. 

Speakers – Paolo Capaccioni, Partner, KPMG Advisory

                    Pasquale Tridico,  INPS President

                    Massimo Anelli, assistant professor at Bocconi University

                   Costanza Miriano,  RAI journalist, writer and influencer

                   Serena Porcari, Dynamo Camp President

                   Manolo Bertocchi, chief operating officer Bikevo

                   Diana Bianchedi, CONI manager and olympic athlete

                   Andrea Cappelletti, partner KPMG – people advisory

                   Gabriele Vianello, Head of Global Markets Corporate Sales

                  Pasquale Fimiani, Coordinator Robotics BNPP

                  Giovanni Vicari, Chief CEFA