Birthrate in Europe: A formative encounter with the Hungarian ambassador at the Holy See

Is a large family still to be considered an added value in contemporary society?

What are the motives holding down birthrate in Europe?

How did Hungary succeed in inverting its negative demographic trend?

 Friday, March 20th, 2020 at 6:30 PM at Petranova International Institute an informative encounter in the form of a 20 minute speech will be held by Eduard Habsburg-Lothringen, the Hungarian ambassador at the Holy See in Rome. Introduced by Antonio Olivié, journalist at the Rome Reports Television Agency, the encounter foresees three 20 minutes talks.

Aim of the meeting is to get a better insight on the low birth rate problem in Italy and to understand the social responsibilities of the various parties involved, in order to modify a trend that is leading Italy to an increasingly old population and accordingly a weakening social texture.

Furthermore, deep thought will be given to the need for a political commitment to this topic.

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