How to join  a lesson without leaving your home?

One of the things we’ve learned  from the quarantine due to COVID-19 is that there are a lot of things that  we can do  from home nowadays: apart from reading, cooking, being together, playing, we can do  some shopping online, visit a museum and most of all, “go to school”, or, better said, “make school”,

There are no excuses, you can’t be late, the connection could be a little slow due to the strain caused by the unprecedented usage but we all must be ready from the very first hour of lesson attend  the Virtual class.

How do we get ready  for a lesson in the “online version”?

Turning on the computer is not enough!!

Here  you will  find some  useful advice  to get used to “ being in class” from a distance, so that, even from early childhood, you can learn how to attend  a meeting from remote while  keeping in the meantime a good behaviour.