MEDALS: Cefa schools meet the Olympic medal winners and the great athletes of out times

Iunior  and Petranova Schools in their planning  include each year  a special day  dedicated to poetry, arts and crafts, music and sports.

2020 was dedicated to Sports: in our expectations  it would have been a beautiful spring day, in which,  supported by their gym teachers, our pupils would have spent their day in  the gardens of our schools, practicing various sports in games and races.

All this had to be unfortunately  put aside to face the emergency that our nation is undergoing due to   the risk of  diffusion of the Covid-19 virus, rediscovering  the value of waiting, of sacrifice, of commitment.

But all the same we decided not to cancel such an important event.

Thanks to the precious cooperation of  some  important  athletes we  have organized  distance conference meetings  with Olympic medal winners  to speak with them about sport from a different perspective: not only physical education   and exercise, but also  the promotion of  sports education  made of passion, commitment and above all sacrifice,  qualities through which the athletes have  reached important goals.

The 45minute  Live meetings are directed to all families but are  thought of and dedicated to  the girls and boys of Primary and Middle Schools, the ones who are psychologically suffering the most  in this lock down situation in regards to the world  and to  time: they are not yet independent,  in a phase of self discovery and physical consciousness and  they find themselves, at the beginning of spring, locked up in the house while the dream for the greater part of them would be that of  going out, meeting each other,  run, play and  enjoy the freedom of movement.

The intent is therefore that of bringing  out from these encounters the commitment, the sacrifice and the motivational efforts  necessary to go on and win when everything seems to be still.