New Contest for girls: Shall We Dance and Petranova Got’s Talent

The Petranova International alumni committee, after concluding the “Recycle for the environment” competition, launches two new proposals to actively involve the students in new challenges: Shall We Dance and Petranova Got’s Talent

Shall we Dance is the new contest where the students will receive a video with their choreography.

“Petranova’s Got Talent” invites the students to show their talent. What can you do so well that you could give a live streaming lesson to your classmates? The students are invited to create a short video to tell us about their talent.

To take part in the contest, the short video must be sent to the students’ committee no later than the 19th May; the committee will select the best ones.

FINALIST WORKS FOR THE CONTEST “We recycle for the environment”:

1st RANKED: Elisa Casale (5th Prim). Vase with seahorse.
2nd RANKED: Benedetta Farsi (1st Prim). Plastic and paper abacus.
3rd RANKED: Tyra Bakht: Lamp during Covid19 times (bleach container).