In depth pedagogical study ZER0SIX Project: tantrums, do they really exist?

In this period of tight cohabitation, we noticed how changes in routine, spaces and times had an impact on the mood of the little ones.

The repetition of similar days has made room for all types of tantrums.

What’s hidden behind cries, screams and disobedience?

Very often it’s about a need: from the necessity to be heard, to that of discovering their voice; from showing their tiredness, to the pursuit of freedom.

Comprehending what’s behind a behaviour, avoiding the opposing authority that doesn’t understand the “logic” of the tantrum, is the first step in reaching out to the needs of the little ones and remodelling the relationship dynamics by finding a balance based on educational requirements.

This has been the topic of the pedagogical meeting on Saturday 16th May with Rosetta Panebianco,

pedagogical Coordinator of the Petranova International ZER0SIX Project.

Io e le regole

Pubblicato da Scuole CEFA su Sabato 16 maggio 2020