Tutoring: tools for students and families.

Tutoring has always been one of the pillars of Cefa Schools’ educational project, and it has proved during the Covid-19 emergency to be one of the most effective instruments in supporting families at this very difficult time.

The traditional meeting between tutor and students and tutor and parents, which usually takes place within the schools’ walls, has found in the digital platforms a new environment in which to continue our educational aim.

During the pandemic, tutoring has continued  in all our schools  with the aid of various technological  channels,:  the Pedagogic Telephone Window  for Petranova’s  Nursery Day Care,  Video conference services on TEAMs  for  Iunior and Petranova Primary and secondary schools ( with bookings on the MY portal),  and the opportunity of using  the Zoom Portal  for the kindergartens of ‘ Mongolfiera’ and ‘Primavera del Campus’.

At a time  in which all our habits have been disrupted  and life  has been confined  within  home walls, these channels  have allowed pupils and parents  to feel  their tutor close by,  someone with whom to share the experience of growing up end evolving,  their concerns for  this traumatic experience  and someone with whom  to have   meaningful discussions on topics tied to growth and  family life.