First exam is never forgotten, especially if it’s a remote one.

This peculiar academic year – regarding the eighth grade students – is ended (as always) with finals, as a conclusion of the CEFA School’s educational path. In the same way as the last two months lessons, even the finals have been taken online. These finals will be etched in the memory of all students dealing with their first exam, and in the memory of all teachers who, for their first time, had to evaluate and to judge “remotely” their students’ path of study and growth. Some students and teachers shared this path since primary classes.

A new experience for those students and those teachers who ended the school cycle with remote exams, interactive educational paths, but even the return to the pencil.

Among multi-disciplinary paths, the pupils have spent ample time in analysis and in-depth study of the school program through contemporary communication tools (like cinema and photography), taking part in international and multi- generational events (#blacklivesmatter), and analyzing historical and contemporary figures, like Bebe Vio, who have been taken as inspiration to realize their ambitions. Furthermore, many pupils took part on “my pencil’s life”, narrating, through drawings, their multi-disciplinary paths. Thus, they illustrated us their own artistic reinterpretation of historical facts and specific knowledge.

A continuous discovery that confirms the wonderful opportunity offered by our educational process, which has the purpose of stimulating the pupils to reinterpret the reality through their own expertise and passions.

Waiting to meet them in person as soon as possible, we wish the students who are already on holiday and those who have to take take take the finals in the next few days, all the best for their future.