The world’s eyes pointed on us in our coming back to school

The 14th of September was one of the most exceptional and anticipated days of the year, on the 14th of September we witnessed the return to school of  our students after the six months interruption of didactics in class. 

Summer is not yet over, the days are sunny and warm and our children are still tanned from the long summer vacation. It seems to be just another “back to school”  occasion  but the events of such an extraordinary year end up making this September comeback extraordinary on its own, so much so following the acknowledgment of “the Italian model” in containing the diffusion of Covid -19; the world is looking at Italy’s scholastic model as an example

For these reasons, some of the best practices used in CEFA schools  have been documented by CNN en Español to try to understand what  has been organized for the come back ! 

To face the risk of Covid-19 contamination, all measures required by the  competent organs have been adopted: single desks, spacing, larger classrooms as in respect to the number of pupils, masks, different entrance and exit routes  and where necessary, differentiated turns for entrance.

Special care for the educational aspects include special events to reduce the trauma of coming back to school after so many months, that may offer the boys and girls “virtuous ” attitudes to learn and apply at school and in everyday life, so as to become themselves examples to bring out into the world.