Searching for Sanctity in everyday life

Anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei.

Saint Josemaria would often say:”It is in the midst of the most worldly things that we must Sanctify ourselves, serving God and all men.”
October 2nd, the day in which the church celebrates our Guardian Angels, is also the anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei: a path towards sanctification, created by San Josemaria Escrivá’s vocation,
with which he contributed to the apostolic mission of the church by encouraging faithful Christian of every status to lead an everyday life coherent with our faith, especially through the sanctification of work.
Searching for Sanctity in work means to bring it forth to one’s best with great professionalism. But not only.
Family, marriage, work are the costumery occasions in which patience and charity, humility and laboriousness, justice and joy and all other human virtues are to be found.