Erasmus Days

How does the lockdown effect global warming and metereteology? 

How are Prague, Rome and Bilbao interdependent?

On the recurrence of the #erasmusdays the pupils of Petranova’s Secondary School participated, together with the pupils of the Arangoya di  Bilbao  and those of the Parentes Of Prague, in a video conference held by Susanna F.  de Rezende, mathematician with a Ph.D.  in computer science and Eva Krtková, Ph.D.  in meteorology, who explained the transverse applicational opportunities of scientific disciplines: an opportunity to explain common phenomena in different contexts and how these are interconnected one to the other notwithstanding  physical distance.

And, despite the distance, the formative project #erasmusplus “isn’t she STEAM”   continues, involving the pupils from the three European cities and bringing them  to work together in small transnational groups. 

The next step will focus on a thematic insight on the topic of Light. 

Stay tuned!!