Orienta Serie: a new partnership to know more about TV series

Are we Watching our favorite TV series?

But are there hidden messages within these stories visible on so many  digital platforms?

Thanks to technological development and to the various streaming services available on mobile phones, computers and television channels, the offer has greatly multiplied with ample catalogues  that vary according to the geographical area  and to  consumer interests. It is not uncommon for the platforms to suggest, based on programs viewed by the costumer, new programs  oriented by  their preferences.

In order to provide parents with a valid and useful tool for the acquaintance with contemporary programs, Scuole Cefa have become partners  of ORIENTA SERIE,  a television  review site created  to help  families choose  what to see with their children.

The site welcomes reviews from experts  and critics, and signals  and promotes  contents suitable  for family vision and offers furthermore  all the  necessary information  to evaluate  the most popular  products and to make   a first and credible  judgement.

The project is promoted by Aiart,  medial citizen association, that directs towards a conscious  use of Media,  Master in International Screenwriting and Production of the Univerity of Sacro Cuore  in Milan, and by Corecom ( Comitato Regionale per le Comunicazioni) in the Lombardy Region, which is an independent  regional organ of warranty, that  brings forth  governmental  control and warranty functions on the subject  of communication.