Taking care of a vegetable patch improves everyone’s soft skills

Learning  how to work together  in due respect of common times and spaces: care of the school’s vegetable garden  develops soft skills during Science, Civic Education and,  why not, even during recess.
Every year, taking care of the school’s vegetable patch involves all classes  at Iunior  International, where, during hours of Science and  Civic Ed. the pupils are busy cultivating a part of the garden. After months of lockdown, after the summer drought and consequent state of  neglect in the patch , two 8th grade students, Giovanni and Stefano, decided to take the situation or, better said, the shovel, into their own hands and involved their classmates in a project that is already giving its first products: restoring the school’s vegetable garden to its former glory. Excellent work boys!
The didactic vegetable patch is also applied as a project in the Cefa Kindergartens to  bring  children closer to nature and enlighten the “value of the earth”, build ties and  develop knowledge  and  growth of  those individual  and social skills that involve children from their very first years of life.