Steam Activities in kindergarten: Cefa schools win  a  competition  of the Presidency  of the Council of Ministers

The experience gained through the STEAM project at  Iunior and Petranova  International Primary schools, where robotic components where  introduced  during the 2019-2020 school year for the development of computational thought  and deeper   knowledge of the English language, has led Cefa schools to take part in the competition  “ Educational projects in the Future”  of the Presidency of the   Council of Ministers in order to implement  a similar  educational project starting from kindergarten.

The project developed by the schools  has been accepted and will be one of the 13  financed by the Regione Lazio. The main objective is to develop  curiosity towards the language of coding and robotics  in 150 of our 4 and 5 year olds  at Petranova International,  Mongolfiera and Primavera del Campus,  offering the children the opportunity to come closer to the world of science in a playful manner.

The projects will use  the robotics material  already in use  in the schools but will be developed  through the kindergartens’  annual   planning,  favoring the  instrumental and  total involvement in this thematic especially  for the girls who are normally less interested in the use robotic instruments.

Thanks to this project   the schools intend to strengthen the educational continuity of  CEFA Schools’ growth process. Alongside tutorship and bilingualism, pillars of  Cefa schools educational projects  which, beginning from the kindergarten,  potentiate the personal  and linguistic capacities of each  child, the Steam  projects will contribute in shortening the distance from the world of  scientific subjects such as Science Math and Technology.