LEND A HAND: Our solidarity project in collaboration with Caritas

From the 1st March 2021, teachers will present the LEND A HAND project in classrooms. It is a project of solidarity in collaboration with Caritas that enhances and integrates the educational path of CEFA schools.

The values ​​of hospitality, generosity, respect and solidarity are translated into concrete actions and signs.

Caritas indicates the goods needed by neighborhood families in the area and each pupil will be able to contribute to the collection of the goods indicated.

Older pupils will help organize the collection in their school.

The project is also open to families who will be able to make a contribution on Fridays from 15.15 to 15.45 at Petranova and Iunior school offices.

The project came about from an initiative by some mums from our schools: an extra opportunity to collaborate – Family and School – even in solidarity!

This week the following goods are required:

For personal hygiene:

– Shampoo

– Soap

– Shower gel

– Toothpaste

– Toothbrushes

– Sponges

Household cleaning products:

– Hand and washing machine laundry soap

– Washing up liquid for dishes and dishwashers

– Detergents for floors, glass, limestone, dust etc. …

– Sponges, clothes/rags, gloves