The meeting with Stefania Garassini was thought of in order to offer parents some useful instruments for a better understanding

of their children’s view of the world through the analysis of their favorite tv series.

In the past it was a race for the remote control, today it is possible to access several platforms from all devices and therefore watch television series from all over the world.
But which are the topics and the contents driven by these format??
The meeting with Stefania Garassini, Professor at the Cattolica University and author of the “ Dizionario dei New media”, co-author of “Digital Kids” and of the “ I nuovi strumenti del to comunicare”, President of Aiart Milano, and editorial chairman of the project Orienta Serie, gives parents of CEFA Schools the opportunity of a deeper insight of their children’s imaginary world that television series build day after day, and how to come in contact with the models presented in order to establish a dialogue and bridge the generation gap.
Prior to the meeting, Petranova and Iunior International students were asked which are the TV series they find most interesting.