Auxiliary staff: virtuous examples of informal education

In a school the whole community educates: not only the teachers, formally, in the classrooms, but also all the other characters acting in the schools give an important if indirect contribution to the realization of the educational project.
This is why the Cefa Schools Formative Seminar for Auxiliary Staff, held by Fer Rosas, ( industrial engineer and theologian ) focused on the importance of the educational role of all the people working in our institutes: janitors and cooks, workers in the kitchens or cleaning staff, auxiliary staff and maintainers, who, with their well done work , also educate the pupils and contribute in different ways to their education. ( formation)
Fer Rosas deals with formation in services and hospitality; she believes that a well done job, carried on with care in even the smallest details, is the best support for both the person and the community.