Wandavision: Advice from ORIENTASERIE 

Orientaserie  and the Università  Cattolica of Milan have created a column  dedicated  to television series, so as to  give parents ulterior instruments  to support their children  in their growth; parents  in Petranova and Iunior Primary and Secondary Schools  will receive  monthly reviews  of TV series  for family entertainment and also to provide    useful perspectives on those Teen Dramas that are so fascinating for the new generations and that   so much influence their frame of mind . 

Wandavision: the first Disney Plus original  miniseries  inspired by the world of Marvel   

WandaVision  may seem at first as a product intended for family entertainment, especially  for the younger  children who are fans of the famous Avenger characters. The name itself  originates  from the two main characters  Wanda and Visione, two of the superheroes so well known  to the lovers  of the saga: Wanda Maximoff, whose personality is close to the world of witchery ( she is also known  as Scarlet Witch ) and Visione, a creature  built in a lab, an android  who is guardian of the “ infinity gems”, that are responsible of order in the Universe.  

WandaVision opens on the life of the newlywed couple,   in their peaceful and quiet town of WestView, New Jersey, in a first white and black episode filmed as a sit-com of the ‘50s. But  episode after episode  some unsettling elements  emerge and you   begin to understand  that the true topic  of the series isn’t that of two superheroes trying to pass unobserved but rather that they are continuously trying to solve the  community’s  problems, big or small as they may be, with humorous aspects in the narration. 

WandaVision rapidly turns in an unexpected direction, mystifying the spectator in each new episode: and this is the main point of interest but it is also the aspect that makes it not so suitable for the younger spectators while teen agers will be enthralled and adults will be attracted by the strong visual impact not easily classified in a definite genre.