Scienze Contest Day

Every year  our school proposes a special day in which students are involved  in activities tied  to the topic of the day  and get the chance to  meet  specialists  in the field and discover more about their work. In 2020 for the “sports day”, several Olympic champions spoke to the students about the need of patience and hard work needed  to succeed in all situations, in sports as well as in life as in  our first  covid-19 emergency

This year our special day was dedicated to Science; boys and girls from both schools spent weeks making experiments  and  shooting  videos of  the ‘proceedings’ and ‘results’ and joined the meeting  with Simone Pirrotta, who spoke about “ from Sicily to Space”  through the Italian Space Agency, about  his own formation  and the requirements needed  to  work  in this interesting  field,  and assigned the prizes to the winning classes for the  Science day Contest experiments.

Science day  was organized  with the aim of stimulating curiosity and enthusiasm towards  the world  of Natural and Human science and discovery, ensuring   the development  of soft skills  with the student’s own  accomplishments  in team working with  the experiments  .  A true Science Day Celebration, created  by pupils for the pupils.

Each  group developed the steps  for their experiment, based on the topics of their class for the year, and presented the experiment itself  or the corresponding  video. Students themselves decided  which  video was the best  for each class  and the teachers  made the final selection  to assign the winners.

Our main goal  was achieved:  all our student  were main characters, guided  by their teachers, in  grasping the wonderful world of Science in their own hands.


The Winner

5th grade B  I Polmoni in bottiglia

Second place

1st grade : Il diario di una Piantina

8th grade: I Vulcani


The Winner

4th grade A: la tensione superficiale 

5th grade A: il sistema solare

6th grade: La conducibilità elettrica