5×1000 for CEFA Schools: 5 reasons for choosing 1000 things to learn

Personalized education and tutorship, bilingualism and internationality, tradition and innovation, learning by doing and care of personal work are the main pilasters on which the the CEFA SCHOOLS’
educational projects are based.
A project that bases its roots on the cooperation between families and the school for the harmonic cooperation of the person during the most important years of the children’s growth.
Our educational proposal provides a personalized educational project and tutorship from the very beginning of nursery school; in kindergarten bilingual education is begun with mother-tongue teachers in class. The Italian didactic traditions that characterizes the formative and educational approach is therefore enriched in Primary school by steam subjects in English which then find wide application in the secondary schools’ international projects.
All this keeping in mind that at each level and activity care of personal work is of outmost importance.
This is CEFA Schools.
Give me 5, together we grow!