Tradition and innovation: an overview on one year of #LiveSchool

The development of an idea requires skills such as analysis, intuition, planning, foresight on questions, execution and/ or adjustments to all possible solutions.
According to this pattern, last year CEFA decided, in accordance with the schools’ headmasters, to give a follow- up to the important experience that had come forth from the period of Lockdown. The heritage of this unexpected emergency has strengthened the awareness of the schools’ role in the individual growth of each young person, in families and in the Community, has consolidated the cooperative and formative procedures from the early zero-six levels and has given ulterior development to the digital innovation already in being in the primary and secondary schools!
The favorable and immediate application of DAD since the very beginning of the pandemic thanks to the TEAMS platform, already in being for each pupil of the schools and the preordered structure of each lesson, have been the foundation upon which the post emergency reasoning for the development of a project able to potentiate the formative offer of the schools in any type of situation was placed.
It is from this analysis that exactly one year ago #LiveSchool was born: the idea of a dynamic contemporary school, able to easily adapt to momentary situations, to circumstances, to the times; the idea of a school able to integrate tradition #LiveSchool and innovation, manual skills and digital skills, beginning with the premise that “ a good school is in presence but can be shared!”
Thanks to the technical and scientific partnership with Samsung Italia for the digital implementation and to Monti e Russo for the training, developing #LiveSchool has provided
  • The insertion in each Primary and Secondary class of new digital instruments (interactive boards, tablets for each pupil, audio video systems and digital archives for the lessons);
  • Specific training for the teachers in order to increase the lessons’ efficacy in digital modality.
Today, a year later, the project continues guaranteeing pupils and students, should there again arise a new clear occasion impeding didactic activities in class, the possibility of maintaining formative activities in remote; implementing practical activities and the manual care of one’s own work; encouraging direct knowledge exchanges from remote as well as in presence and creating a lesson archive available at all times.
Aware at all times of the necessities of our times and of modern society, with #LiveSchool we are working at the top for the future of our pupils.
#LiveSchool. Follow the future