Outodoor Spaces in the Schools: safer and more beautiful

Among the improvements of the schools, decided on the basis of the satisfaction questionnaires periodically presented to parents, several actions have been identified in order to improve care and uses of the environments and of the spaces both for school time and extra-school activities.

For the day care and kindergarten didactics through the ateliers and interest focuses in the various sections have been improved and during the coming year the interest will remain focused on the creation of new learning contexts and a continuous research for continuity between indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

On the grounds of Petranova International Institute the Play Green Area has been completed; an integrated external space, thought of and intended to offer the small children a perfect space for their games.

At Iunior International Institute the owners of the school building are about to begin maintenance and restoration of the facade so as to bring new light to the beautiful school building built in the early years of the 20th century