Joint School: single sex schools and joint activities.

Little more than a year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic and from the end of normality”, and finally, our pupils are beginning once again to live Rome and Joint School activities: The possibility of discovering and experiencing the beauty of the city’s cultural and artistic heritage, together with the chance of sharing experiences with their peers once again, gives pupils from Iunior and Petranova International, Primary and Middle single sex Schools, the gusto of growing up at a 360 degrees scope.
After the long and exceptional period of time in which we all have felt forcibly separated from our dears, from friends and from our daily routines, Cefa schools have also exploited the digital instruments in order to share growth experiences; thanks to #LiveSchool meetings and online activities we have decreased the distance between the gender oriented didactics and those formative experiences which provide encounters and activities uniting the two schools!
Being single sex schools means learning and studying in different classrooms but not being apart in the process of growing up: single sex schools and joint activities are in fact a fundamental binomial for the development of the pupil as an individual.
Today, thanks to all the procedures and precautions used to limit and contrast the diffusion of Covid-19, at Petranova and Iunior International Schools, group meetings and joint activities have commenced once again, offering pupils, their families, teachers and all those who are part of their population the flavor of a totally shared life.