Family time: Orientaserie’s tips on tv series under Christmas tree

Orientaserie wishing you Merry Christmas, proposes tv series to be followed during Christmas holidays. According to a deeper analysis, related to age and treated subjects, we suggest reading full reviews to indicated links.

Demon Slayer

The most popular souls, mix stories of the most typical fantasy stories with a retro setting fascinating Japanese audience and others. The story tells about a hidden talented young man, a specimen who can bring the best from others, opening a glimmer of hope even on bad people hearts. Read more about Demon Slayer on Orientaserie.  

Avatar. Aang legend

Three series animated seasons, a twelve years boy animated by a fundamental mission for the future of the world. Together with a group of friends, he will face difficult challenges, but the most difficult one was self-control: an essential requirement to take advantage of his own skills. Read more about Aang legend on Orientaserie.

My jungle

Giovanni Scifoni offers us real “pills” of daily life, every Italian family can recognized itself in this framework, directly connected with the felt experiencing during Covid confinement and post Covid problems. Read more about My jungle on Orientaserie.

Cobra Kai

Continuing the Karate Kid first episode, set on 34 years after the last fight between the two protagonists, Cobra Kai is a series of strong educational contents and deep themes. The fourth season is coming on Netflix on December 31st . Read more about Cobra Kai on Orientaserie.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

An American sit-com telling about a story of four twins, three boys and one girl, and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harper, who manage a big sport store. The story is played within a comedy context even demented at times but never reaching the limits of grossness; however stimulating reflections on the subject matter. Read more about Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn on Orientaserie.

This is us

“This is us” is an excellent tv product matching wisely comedy and drama. The series tells about the story of Pearson family dealing with small and big everyday life challenges. The framework of the story is always optimistic and positive. The sixth and last season will come out in 2022. Read more about This is us on Orientaserie.

Ted Lasso

An American football coach who decided to leave Kansas and to move to England to train a Premiere League football team. Shame that he barely got to know the football rudiments. The comedy was inspired by this inconvenience which unexpectedly good and full of high-minded sentiments. For the rest negative aspects are only represented by a colorful and at times scurrilous way of speaking. Read more about Ted Lasso on Orientaserie.


It is one of the sweetest and deep contents family sagas ever played in tv. Three seasons in subtitles Jewish and Yiddish language, telling the story about an orthodox Jewish community. The constant presence of God allows to underline fines and poetic spirit within those themes which are of great important to all families. Read more about Shtisel on Orientaserie.