From generation to generation: new opportunities for Alumni of  CEFA schools.

“A village is needed to educate a child”: a well-known African saying inspiring CEFA schools. Being part of the educational CEFA schools community is much more than an educational, formative or professional experience limited to the time spent on the school desks but it also involves all those people who can provide an educational inspiration.

An experience that goes beyond the classrooms time and that comes back sometimes. Some persons started in CEFA schools their professional career that lasted until they retired; some defined them “Schools of life”; other persons started to attend them as students and after some time, they came back as teachers and/or parents. Therefore, with the aim to  maintain a strong educational alliance between the School Family and the educational community, CEFA Schools provide  different formative opportunities for parents and grant  to all past CEFA students 20% discount  on the school fees for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary 1st grade levels.

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