Educational planning in daycare schools and kindergarten

The Educational practice within the services for the younger pupils is oriented by a careful planning that involves all areas of growth: from the furnishings to the spaces and to the ateliers, to the choice of experiences, to the organization of daily routine and of the times of physical care for the smaller ones.

The main purpose is that of rendering each daily action strongly intentional, always inclusive and absolutely conscious, in a space that is the blending of various factors: space, time, objects, materials, adults and small work groups of the children within the class or section.
The Pedagogical equipe elaborates, at the beginning of each school/ educational year, the annual planning for each class; the educational path for each age level, directly founded on the basis of the educational and learning objectives .
Thanks to a careful observation, the teachers and auxiliaries sort out the individual needs for each child and for the class group and are able to transform them in occasions for learning and growth, rethinking and continuously adjusting the educational proposition.
 The teacher and the auxiliaries have a function of support and guidance, they stand beside the children without replacing them, whilst
creating the opportunities for them to build their own, unique path towards knowledge thanks to exploration, discovery and inquiry.
Objectives, timetables and educational paths for each class group, be it daycare or kindergarten are periodically shared with the families during the parent class meetings (Riunioni di didattica ) important rendezvous in which the pact family- school , the base of our project , is bonded and reinforced.