Documenting means giving shape to the educational and didactic paths of children in the nursery and kindergarten, making their experiences visible and narrating the intentionality of the educational action of teachers and educators, with the aim of reflecting on processes, building history and the identity of the CEFA Schools, enhance their projects and make them visible, contribute to the construction of a true “culture of childhood”.

Documentation represents a means of dialogue and discussion with families, in the construction of educational collaboration, the cornerstone of the Educational Project of Cefa Schools.

The documentation tools are various and diversified, depending on the purpose, the context in which they are used, the content and the recipients to whom it is addressed (families, children, team colleagues, institutions).

Tools such as the Diary of the Educators, the Observation Sheets, the validations and monitoring of the didactic project etc. accurately narrate the child’s life at school, the progress of the individual and the group, the educational and didactic choices of the Educational team, always calibrated on the needs of the group; the Tutoring sheets are essential for highly professional and personalized observation work to be shared with families in the context of tutoring interviews.

The documentation, especially the one made through photos, videos and power-point presentations, makes the educational paths carried out legible, it effectively illustrates the activities of the individual groups of children, thus ensuring consistency in interventions and clarity in communications with families; the mural journals of the activities carried out give an educational connotation to every situation or moment experienced.

The documentation is therefore, an integral part of the Educational Project, at the service of the harmonious growth of children and the growth path of the quality of CEFA 0-6 structures.