Iunior Carnival Corner: the choice of allegorical floats as an example of collaboration and coexistence.

Iunior School has been waiting for Shrove Tuesday in a very constructive and formative way.

For several weeks the pupils worked together with the teachers to create the allegorical floats, transforming the Carnival celebrations into an exercise in style in which to test transversal skills and competences aimed at enhancing the school as a place of sharing.

Everyone collaborated in the creation of the allegorical floats for the Carnival Corner.

The Primary students coordinated by the PE teachers have created the choreography; with the Music teachers they chose and developed the soundtracks and with those of Public Speaking they worked on the writing and the topic interpretation of the floats.

The Secondary school students coordinated by the STEAM in English, Art and Image teachers created the sets.

On the day of the parade, the parents played the role of the audience very well.

The 1st grade Primary class represented “PIRATES vs VIKINGS: the allegory of peace”, the story of how a naval battle ends with a football match, representing how it is possible to write a new ending to a cyclical event.

2nd grade realized the staging of How a Caterpillar becomes a Dragon, representing the adaptability of each living being.

3rd grade interpreted “Giostra”, the poem by Gianni Rodari, in order to underline how the sense of harmony and peace must prevail in relationships between men.

The 4th grade represented the City of Olympia, the ideal city in which relations between nations are represented by the Olympic Games.

Finally, the 5th grade has created a Reflection on Technology: the pupils started from Greek mythology, when at the dawn of humanity Prometheus gave fire to men and from there, on a journey through the centuries, they noticed how fire is today become modern technology. A useful but dangerous resource, much like fire, since it is capable of leading young people to “stay connected” rather than “be connected to each other”. Yet, the conscious use of technology has shown how from sharing a project a common vision can be born, the ability to collaborate, to aggregate around an idea and to add one’s own piece to demonstrate how much the value and the work of each person matters even through a tablet.