Children and Science: the new perspective of spring

With the beginning of spring, outdoor education activities naturally bloom: the mild Roman climate allows outdoor activities to take place throughout the year, but this spring will be particularly special for the children of CEFA Kindergartens, who have carried out several activities to observe nature from different angles. The winter months were characterized by the arrival and the first uses of the i-Volcanoes of CampuStore, the table for making that favors STEM learning and the development of scientific thought through observation, scientific processing and the study of infinite states of transformation of matter, as well as the principles of coding and robotics.

Spring is therefore the right time for verification, to go back to observing nature with greater awareness, and to get to know it better through the new instrumentation. Satisfying the natural propensity of boys and girls to explore, manipulate, formulate hypotheses, to transform themselves into scientific concepts, in fact, needs a suitable and “ecologically rich” context. Spontaneous experience is not enough, but contexts are needed in order to orient and focus the attention and research of children support


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