Didactic Innovation

For 40 years, CEFA Schools have conceived tradition and innovation in the educational field as two sides of the same coin, in a meaningful and engaging dialogue. If on the one hand, remaining faithful to tradition means founding the Educational Project in solid anthropological and pedagogical roots, on the other hand, believing in innovation means being ready to open up to the future and towards a school without borders: “We dream of training the people who will cross the roads of the world thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the years of growth.”

In the light of all this, great innovations have been introduced in CEFA 0-6 Schools starting from this School Year. Innovations entirely in line with the guidelines dictated by the National Scientific Committee and with European guide.

The school’s main task is also to provide children with the first foundations to embark on a new, useful path for the future; in this perspective, the conscious use of innovative teaching tools (i-Volcanoes, Flip Samsung multimedia touch screens, Photon robots, etc.) supports learning and facilitates it, within stimulating educational environments, that are our didactic Ateliers.

All these innovations aim at helping children to develop creative reasoning, scientific processing, observation and problem solving skills, and to explore the languages ​​of coding and robotics.