What to watch with the family: the advice of Orientaserie

New reports of TV series to watch with your family, in collaboration with Orientaserie, the platform created by the Catholic University of Milan that hosts reviews of television series also analyzed in their educational aspects.

Alexa & Katie

Alexa Mendoza is a bold and courageous fifteen-year-old who has been fighting cancer for a long time, undergoing regular chemotherapy cycles. Katie Cooper, more timid and sweeter than her, is her best friend and never leaves her alone, especially in the most delicate moments of her illness.

Divided into four parts, the series tackles everything, and by choice, with a light tone. Although always present, the disease allows us to tell the story of the growth of the two girls, aiming to convey a positive message and helping to make this series a product suitable for a vision in the family.

Age of the series> 12 years | Netflix platform | Find out more: read the sheet

Bad Batch

The animation series set in the Star Wars universe offers entertainment suitable for children. The team of “defective” clones, refusing to obey their new master, the Empire, flees their home planet, Kamino, and will find themselves wandering from planet to planet, helping people in need. Compassion, friendship and fatherhood are the key words of this very educational series available on DisneyPlus, a platform that always offers numerous ideas for dialogue between parents and children.

Age of the series: for all | DisneyPlus platform | Find out more: read the sheet

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