Space has a silent, but powerful language

The setting-up of the environment intended for children is an element of fundamental importance within CEFA’s  0-6 Schools, as it conveys the quality of educational and didactic choices at the basis of the Educational Project.

Each section of the nursery is organized in structured corners designed to support the child’s freedom of movement and the need for exploration and discovery, respecting the growth stages of each age. Each corner set up represents a real “center of interest”, whose purpose is to put the child in a position to question reality, to experience, to experiment, to get in touch with things by enhancing his thoughts, its resources, in a continuous process of training child’s intelligences. Within each corner, the choice of materials, always available, plays a key function: raw, deconstructed, reuse, easily available, become precious because they are rich in potential, intelligent, ductile, transformable and evocative.

At the Kindergarten, the space, meant as a fruitful learning environment, grows in continuity with developmental and learning needs of children aged from 3 to 6 years.

From this premise our thematic Ateliers come to life, real places to support the unique and unrepeatable thought of each child. The Ateliers are not labs, but spaces for the activation of research, investigation and observation processes, therefore not necessarily aimed at the creation of finished products.

The Ateliers in our schools represent the visible spaces of encounter and continuous dialogue between tradition and innovation: they are places that encourage creativity, manual skills, play, the critical use and design of new technologies; incubators of ideas where children, guided by the professionalism of the teachers, put their curiosity and imagination into practice, amidst natural and avant-garde materials and tools.