Waiting for June 23rd: Closing Celebration and 40th CEFA

The school is finally over for many!

Primary and Secondary students of Iunior and Petranova International begin to live their invincible summer; those of Third year of Secondary school are getting ready for the end-of-cycle exams, in order to project themselves into a new season made up of summer adventures and new training courses; the little ones, on the other hand, continue to attend Schools and Nurseries as well as educators and teachers, at work to close the work of the school year just ended, and follow training and refresher courses and plan activities and projects for the school year that it will come.

This has been the story for 40 years now, since the Petranova adventure started in 1981, the first of the CEFA Schools active in Rome: the first stone of a path that today has 5 locations, 4 school cycles, 1000 students and many families involved in a single project.

Thus, to celebrate the end of a cycle, but above all the beginning of the new decade, CEFA has planned a special edition of the Closing Celebration.

Thursday 23 June at the Junior International, together with the delivery of diplomas to the pupils and the pupils of the Third Secondary School, the celebration of the first 40 years of activity of the CEFA Schools is scheduled with a special evening conducted by Piero Cavaglià, historical teacher of the Junior International, and Annalisa Consolo, a former student who is now a writer, introduces the Arte di Educare (The Art of Educating), a special video mapping show created by Vincenzo Siracusano, a digital artist.

A great little event to celebrate how we have grown together with families for 40 years.