You never stop learning!


The cultural and educational proposal of the CEFA Schools for 40 years has been based on solid foundations on the School-Family alliance on the Italian cultural tradition and on passionate and prepared teachers. 

Over time our Schools, in response to the historical and social evolution due to processes such as globalization and the digital revolution, have broadened the cultural bases, first adopting an international and bilingual approach, then turning their attention to innovation that involves the sphere of learning from kindergarten to lower secondary school. All with a very specific goal, the heart of the CEFA mission: to train the people who will cross the roads of the world thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the years of growth. 

Thus, today, after 40 years of activity and 17 years of bilingualism, English also arrives in the Nursery sections, while the STEM disciplines are already part of the Educational Offer since Kindergarten 

These little big innovations are the result of constant analysis of the company and the skills that the future will take for granted. For CEFA Schools it is therefore essential to offer structured and constant training to pupils and, above all, to teachers who are entrusted with the task of shaping their curiosity, their knowledge and their skills. 

Summer is, therefore, the moment in which the training of educators and teachers finds space to establish, alongside tradition, new training processes: a vertical training, faithful to the educational approach of the Schools and capable of broadening the prospects for development of the concepts traditionally transmitted to pupils. 

This year the training that we will tell you about “step by step” in the next articles has been divided into cycles of education and learning focus: that of the educators and teachers of the 0-6 year age group (Zer0six), on the basis of the “Pedagogical guidelines for the integrated 0-6 ″ system, has provided a focus on Neuroscience in the developmental age, on Coding, Tinkering and implementation of STEM instrumentation with CampuStore and Learning by Languages, as well as a theatrical laboratory to strengthen awareness of non-verbal language with Vivateatro ; for teachers and teachers aged 6-13, the training focused on the value of interdisciplinarity in the development of the person, on the skills of TEAMWORKING with Simone Budini and Francesco Limone and on the needs of plus students gifted in the development of educational projects personalized with Dr. Anna La Prova. 

All this responds to the challenge “An educational proposal for the future”, the theme of the company convention last November, with a double objective: to resume, to consolidate them, some identity aspects of the educational project of the CEFA Schools and to provide our teachers with specific tools for their professional work up to the educational challenges that today must be faced even (but not only) post-pandemic.