Is there a School to became Parents?


“Being parents is the great opportunity that adults have to grow every day as people and bring out the best in us, while we strive to bring out the best in them.”

Alongside the tutoring, the Department of Family Collaboration, to support parenting training, provides meetings with experts: we’ve broached this topic with Elisabetta Iovene, Parent Coach.

We live endless days, we desperately try chasing busy schedules with our smartphone and carry on our daily routines in a relentless slalom.

Stress skyrockets, batteries run out quickly and, when it comes to dealing with children, fatigue and distraction are the number-one enemies.

The return home passes from a “safe harbor” to an “arena”, where the requests for attention and the need for contact of the little ones often translate into power struggles and lack of collaboration. Not having the adequate tools to manage the situation, we end up “getting by”, hoping not to lose the course.

But who pulls who? And in which direction?

The Painter’s Family, 1926 Giorgio de Chirico

There are those who want to see their children happy, independent and self-confident. There are those who want to win their trust, create a relationship of esteem and complicity. There are those who want to live in a peaceful and relaxed family environment.

But how is it done?

To each his own key, the most authentic one, to be discovered and personally modulated, using the tools of Parent Coaching. Like an athlete who prepares for the World Cup or a manager who strengthens his company, with the help of Parent Coaching, even a parent can train to best perform his “job”, according to many, the most difficult of the world.

There is a road that goes from where you are to where you want to arrive and, with Parent Coaching, you train yourself to follow it to the end, together with your children.

Being parents, indeed, is the great opportunity that we adults have to grow every day as people and bring out the best in us, while we strive to bring out the best in them.


Parent Coaching path becomes an opportunity to pause the roadmap and establish where you are, where you want to go, what to take with you and what to leave behind.

A journey aimed at clarifying one’s way of being a parent, assessing existing dynamics, identifying areas for improvement, exploring possible solutions and taking action, having the right tools to do so.

A time to devote to the redefinition of one’s relational style, enhancing dialogue and emotional connection, to work on a family project to be cultivated according to one’s values, choosing every day what name to give to one’s happiness.

And this is exactly what we do during the collective Parent Training meetings with Elisabetta Iovene, Parent Coach, who created “Parents to Grow”, a program that blends the most up-to-date approaches on parenting at an international level, based on the most recent research in the field of Neuroscience, with the consolidated techniques of Coaching, declined in a parenting key and immersed in the family context.

A kind of “compass” to better orient oneself in the fantastic adventure of parenting, acquiring in a simple and effective way, knowledge to be transformed into skills, through daily practice.

A practical approach that helps parents cope with the ups and downs of family life, bringing home useful, customizable and immediately applicable tools.

An opportunity that the CEFA Schools make available to parents to support them in carrying out their mission, that of raising the adults of tomorrow in the best possible way.

The active participation of parents in these meetings allows tailor-made contents, calibrating them to the needs of the class group, then also giving participants the opportunity to request an individual in-depth session with Elisabetta Iovene, Parent Coach, to better manage the challenge education of the moment and acquiring a new point of view on the opportunity to grow as people by putting themselves on the line as parents every day.

To reduce stress, battles and screams, abandon automatic reactions and finally rediscover the pleasure of family life

When family relationships work, everything else works.


And even if there is no right way to be a parent, with Parent Coaching and “Parents to grow Up”, you can find the right one for you and your children

ELISABETTA IOVENE Professional Coach specialized in Parents, Teen e Team Coaching.