Why is the Family-School alliance fundamental today?

The value of the Educational alliance

The II Convention of CEFA Schools was held on Saturday November 5th at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, an important reunion for educators, teachers, employees and couples in charge of sharing and enhancing the Family School alliance and the principles that animate the way in which #WedoSchool

If the first Convention was conceived to celebrate the first 40 years of CEFA Schools, the second meeting wanted to focus attention on the great collaboration on which the Schools are based. CEFA, in fact, is the Association of Families for Education and Culture, the group of Roman schools born in 1981 at the behest of a group of families wishing to help other families in their children’s educational project, thus making it implicit and indissoluble the bond and collaboration between the family and the school, between parents and tutors, between parents and parents. In fact, the peculiarity CEFA educational project revolves around the Tutoria, which involves the family community and the educational community, parents, teachers and tutors, in a virtuous exchange aimed at the harmonious growth of the person, the main objective of every training community.


The tutoring is the place of listening: the positive action of the tutor lies in removing distances in the educational process

Paola Binetti

On the occasion of this event which symbolically inaugurates the new school year and decade of activity, the speeches of the former Senator Paola Binetti, writer of texts on tutoring, the sharing of tutoring courses and experiences of educators, teachers and parents highlighted how this tool is essential for the growth of families as well as pupils, while the actor Michela La Ginestra recalled how the current context is strongly influenced by the virtuality of relationships.