How to orient yourself among TV Series

TV series are increasingly becoming high-level creations, which also deal with rather demanding issues in terms of content and narrative structure, as well as emotionally complex ones. It is important that parents, teachers and all those who have to do with children in various ways are informed about the most popular stories and characters. Talking about it can be the beginning of a fruitful dialogue that does not leave out even difficult themes, culture and characteristic phenomena of our times. Among the series recommended this month by Orientaserie, the portal of the Catholic University of Milan which analyzes the TV series of the main digital platforms based on their educational aspects, we find Everything asks for Salvation and Without Borders. The project is promoted by Aiart, the media citizens’ association, which promotes a conscious use of the media, Master in International Screenwriting and Production of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and Corecom (Regional Committee for Communications) of Lombardy.


Tutto chiede Salvezza

Platform: Netflix

This is the (true) story of Daniele, who finds himself in a psychiatric hospital for a Tso (mandatory psychiatric treatment) and unexpectedly manages to recover a chance for rebirth and a “salvation”.

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Senza Confini

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

The exciting story of Ferdinand Magellan’s round-the-world expedition. An opportunity to rediscover a well-known company, but which not everyone knows fully.

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