Knowing how to Grow up: parenting training sessions

In line with the educational objectives aimed at families and based on the indications received directly from parents, the training path aimed at 0-6 world includes online appointments with Elisabetta Iovene, Parent Coach

I believe in imperfect families, those who fall to get up, cry to laugh about it, and move away to find each other again. Through Coaching and Training I support parents in the great mission of growing up together with their children. Because I’m a fan of potential that becomes a strength, of the step that becomes a springboard and of experience that becomes competence. As a family, I fall in love every day with the little moments of everyday life, building blocks of today and tomorrow’s milestones of an evolving personality”

Elisabetta Iovene

Il percorso di formazione rivolto ai genitori del mondo 0-6 anni prevede 3 appuntamenti online su temi specifici:

18 gennaio Diventare genitori: la sfida del tempo insieme

8 febbraio Mio figlio: le tappe di sviluppo ed il percorso educativo

19 aprile Inside Out: laboratorio di alfabetizzazione emotiva

Registrandosi si otterrà il link per accedere agli eventi online previsti alle ore 18.30. 

The training course for parents of the 0-6 in the world includes 3 online appointments on specific topics:

January 18 Becoming parents: the challenge of spending time together

February 8 My son: the stages of development and the educational path

April 19 Inside Out: emotional literacy workshop

By registering you will get the link to access the online events scheduled at 6.30 pm.