TV series under the tree: the Christmas Tips of Orientaserie

TV series to watch with family during the Christmas holidays.

If during the Christmas holidays, between pandoro and bingo, a walk and a visit to friends, you decide to relax on the sofa and share watching TV series with your children, making an informed choice can turn into an comparison and growth.

For an in-depth analysis, especially with regard to age and the topics covered, we recommend reading the complete review that you can find at the links indicated.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Remaining at the top of the ranking of the most watched series on Netflix for over a month, Lawyer Woo, is the story of an autistic girl who, thanks to her prodigious memory for articles and legal provisions, manages to get hired in a large law firm in Seoul, becoming a particularly respected professional. The series is an excellent mix of comedy and drama, in which the depth of the topics covered is combined with a poetic and sometimes fairy-tale tone.

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The rings of power

Millennia before the Fellowship of the Ring was founded, the story of this ambitious Amazon Prime Video series begins, set in the world of The Lord of the Rings. It is a product suitable for the whole family: the themes are those of the Tolkenian epic, from the search for Good despite the advance of Evil to the union of peoples beyond races and origins.

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A story that unfolds for four generations, starting from the period of the Japanese occupation of Korea, at the beginning of the 1900s up to 1989. “Pachinko. The Korean wife”, an Apple TV series based on the best seller by Min Jin Lee, tells the story of Sunja, whom we see as a child in the poverty of a rural village, then as a mother and grandmother, and of her family, who we know through continuous flashbacks and time jumps, in a complex narrative, but impeccably managed. A television product of rare poetry and depth.

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Atlantic Crossing

The series, available on RaiPlay, is based on the (true) story of the friendship between Norwegian royalty and US President Roosevelt during World War II. Little known to the general public, Atlantic Crossing proves to be suitable for those looking for a simple, but not superficial theme. In other words, intelligent entertainment.

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The famous blind superhero is the protagonist of an action-packed Marvel series, well written and unanimously loved by his fans. The series is primarily aimed at an audience that loves the world of comics, but the depth of the main characters and the richness of the secondary ones make it an enjoyable product even for those who don’t have a passion for comics. On DisneyPlus

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