Let’s grow together: training sessions for families

Let’s grow together is the cycle of training meetings for Primary and Secondary schools aimed at offering parents of CEFA Schools the key tools for dealing with the different stages of their children’s growth.

If being a parent is a role that requires responsibility, parenting is a challenge that requires commitment and constancy and the ability to get involved

Growing up together with your children as people and in your family role, without having received specific training, is the main difficulty parents face: we grow directly through personal experiences with countless victories and defeats.

For this reason, the Family Collaboration Department – DCF – directed by Prof. Sergio Rizzi and Teacher Carla Schiavone, offers parents training opportunities on the main aspects of their growth path, to share decisions that characterize both the educational and training dimension of the pupils.

Certain that the family, naturally responsible for the education of their children, plays a crucial role in the CEFA Schools, participating directly in the formulation of the educational objectives, the following meetings are planned for the couples in charge and for the parents of some specific classes of Junior and Petranova International.

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1st A and B Primary Classes, Junior International Sunday 29 January – 3.00 pm at the Junior International Institute

Educating the heart. Helping children know how to recognize their emotions”.

Speakers Carlo Messina, president of the FarFamiglia Association, and Samuela Santificetur.

Couples in charge Junior and Petranova International

Friday 3 February – 6.30 pm, at the Junior International Institute

“Educational alliance: meaning and ways to be together a community of people“.

Prof. Francesco Limone, Luiss Business School

A babysitting service is available and can be booked at the secretariat.

6th Grade Secondary class, Junior and Petranova International Friday 10 February – 6.30 pm, at the Junior International Institute

“The value of the study. Autonomy, method and self-esteem”. Dr. Anna La Prova, psychotherapist and member of Forepsy Second Secondary Junior and Petranova International

Friday 17 February – 7.00 pm at the Petranova International Institute

“Accepting personal and other people’s changes.”

Prof. Simone Budini, Humanistic management