Remembrance Day: taking action and singing so as not to forget

Paying homage to the victims of the Holocaust on Remembrance Day is a moral duty that goes beyond any educational program, because if oblivion kills twice, memory saves forever and, for this reason, the Junior and Petranova International schools have decided to take action and sing so as not to forget paying homage in individual classes and with group activities to address what this commemoration teaches us in a different way. The pupils of the Primary School of Junior International Institute, under the artistic direction of Prof. Carmine Diodoro in the Crypt of the Chapel of the Canadian Martyrs, celebrated Remembrance Day by intoning the Hebrew song “Gam Gam“, taken from Psalm 23, and dedicating it to all children oppressed by man’s barbarities: the choir released a strong energy eager to reach the heart of the earth and of every human being. The students of  Petranova International Institute Secondary School, on the other hand, celebrated Remembrance Day with Stefania Bait, already a young delegate to the UN for Sioi – the Italian Society for International Organization -, to get to know the role of the United Nations up close in the protection of human rights and realizing a simulation of a General Assembly to propose a proposal for a resolution against all forms of discrimination.

Remembrance Day: Iunior International Institute Choir

Remembrance Day: Simulation of the UN General Assembly