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Some information on the most watched TV series in this period and some viewing advice.

TV Series: The Sea Beyond (Mare Fuori)

It’s the series of the moment. With its third season it is enjoying great success both on Raidue and on the Raiplay platform. While the previous ones are also available on Netflix. The significant fact was the presence of a young audience and therefore the identification that the story obtained in viewers close to the age of the protagonists. The characters here react to evil and try not to succumb to it. If some get lost because revenge or the pervasiveness of hardship have the upper hand, there are those who open up to love and a previously unknown beauty.

Age: >16 years On Netflix (first two seasons) and on Raiplay (all seasons)

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TV Series: Halo

Halo is an adaptation loosely based on the highly successful video game of the same name, which hypothesizes the creation of physically enhanced but inhibited emotions “supersoldiers”. A very spectacular and current series.

Recommended by Orientaserie

Age: >14 years

On Sky Recommended by Orientaserie 

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TV Series: The Bear

The Bear is the story of Carmy, a chef of Italian origins and a great promise of haute cuisine, forced to leave New York to return to Chicago and take care of the family sandwich shop. An innovative and very well acted series, which speaks to us of commitment and second chances in life.

Age: >16 years On DisneyPlus

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