“The best way to use social networks for work”: webinar with Valentina Marini and Pamela Serena Nerattini

A recent advertising campaign by a well-known digital platform, which has already revolutionized the world and the way of communicating, states that its new project “is a virtual space, but its impact will be real”.

Already today we can measure how, over the last 10 years, our habits have changed and how much our choices depend on the suggestions that come from tracking our online life.

But when we talk about work, how can we best use platforms to tell who we are and, above all, what do we do and how?


Can we get more job opportunities thanks to social media?

To answer these questions and offer useful advice to former pupils, parents and teachers, we will meet in a webinar (obviously!) two industry experts: Valentina Marini and Pamela Serena Nerattini.


Valentina Marini is LinkedIn Top Voice – Job, trainer and HR consultant, she works for several large organizations, supporting them to innovate through projects involving People and Communication. Roman, with Sabaudia in her heart and traveling around Italy for work, what she learns in companies she loves to write in articles and books and share it as a common wealth.


Pamela Serena Nerattini is LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant, Career & Business Coach, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Business Agility facilitator, speaker at various events, where she deals with dissemination.

She has a podcast the “Araba Fenice” where she talks about how she went from being an employee to a happy freelancer and interviews life changers. She has written 2 books on job hunting and helps businesses and professionals approach the platform correctly to gain visibility, build credibility and find clients.