Primary Arrival! The transition to primary school

Knowing the sensitivity of their children and in perspective of the transition from Kindergarten to Primary School many parents are more or less concerned about the effects that the change of cycle, habits and sociality may have on their child.


However, the greatest insecurities towards the transition to primary school arise precisely from parents who instinctively try to defend their child from moments of hardship and transition: the change, on the other hand, if lived with tranquility and a sense of openness, is a transition that can be carried out very gradually and to which children aged between 5 and 6 are naturally predisposed.

Change, teachers and friends are the three great variables that Maestra Rosetta, Teacher and pedagogist 0-6, examines for CEFA 4Family to offer parents useful advice to facilitate the transition from Nursery to Primary School.

Alongside the sense of serenity necessary to face the transition in the best possible way, trust in the teachers on the part of the parents and the possibility of meeting new peers are opportunities that help the child to acquire a certain set of cultural and relational skills which are fundamental for their growth.




CEFA 4 Family is the CEFA Schools column that offers parents useful advice for the growth of their children and their parental role.

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