Teatro e Public Speaking attività curriculari ed extra curriculari

Teatro e Public Speaking: strumenti strategici per favorire le capacità relazionali.

Why do drama and public speaking lessons foster personal growth and educate on relationships?

Theatre, or Drama, education helps develop artistic and creative skills and contributes to the personal, social and emotional development, of students, preparing them to face life's challenges and opportunities. In addition to specific skills, drama education can teach soft skills such as collaboration, creativity, effective communication, stress management, and self-confidence.

Il teatro e il public speaking contribuiscono a sviluppare le capacità relazionali degli alunni.

Per questo motivo da oltre 20 anni, Teatro e Public Speaking fanno parte dell’Offerta Formativa delle Scuole CEFA e vengono portate avanti da professionisti dalla Scuola dell’Infanzia fino alla Scuola Secondaria, sia come attività curriculari che extra-curriculari. 

Activities designed, analysed, and elaborated to facilitate and educate to positive relationships.

Teacher Susie Calvi here explains why, starting from a.s. 2024/25, these activities will be organized in workshops carried out, together, by Primary and Secondary School boys and girls: coaching them to relate with awareness and in the development of important skills such as effective communication, stress management, empathy, concentration, and self-confidence. These are all essential skills for the growth of the individual, of the class group and especially nurturing respect between men and women and promoting gender equality to build a more inclusive and equitable society.