How much time should be allowed for TV Series?

Life Online and offline: how and when to watch TV series loved by one’s children.

The race for the remote is now a distant memory: today there are multiple ways to access content, and children's freedom is matched by their parents' difficulty in supervising the timing and content available on the various online platforms. But if it is now impossible to manage the flow, it is still possible to educate kids on how to watch TV series.

But Is It Still Possible to Educate Kids About How to Watch TV Series?

There are two aspects to keep in mind: balance and viewing conditions.

The balance of time devoted TV series must always be balanced with offline life. Educating children on the distinction between life online and offline is the first step to making them the true key figures of their time, choices, experiences and actions; on the responsible use of technology; and on the training of critical thinking through discussion in the family, at school and among peers.

Once they have developed this awareness in them as an opportunity for growth, it is appropriate to dedicate some time to view content as a family so that they are not left alone, learning and being able to discuss age-specific issues told through contemporary language

We have all been teenagers but in different historical and social times: believing we know the interests and moods of an age without confronting the current narrative is like continuing to run alone for the remote while everyone else is sitting with their heads bowed and the light of smartphones on their faces. 

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