Learning in Progress is CEFA’s bilingualism project, started after 2000, which foresees the presence of English mother-tongue teachers starting from kindergarten and building on the ordinary use of English in different areas of teaching which is one of the main levers of conscious and applied language learning.

Bilingualism does not mean losing Italian culture and traditions. The study and practice of English takes place within an integrated process that starts from the knowledge of Italian language and culture, highlighted from an international perspective. For this reason, some disciplines are carried out in the two languages, while others are entirely in English, with textbooks in language.

The same method of study is built with the aim of integrated bilingualism: the acquisition by the students of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing is enhanced by the use of new technologies and new software proposed by the teachers.

The quality of language learning is monitored and verified periodically by British Council exams and by the consequent confirmation of official certificates: from Young Learners in Primary school to the FCE (First Certificate in English) in Secondary school.